AI Futures Report

Machine dreams: The future of AI in food and beverage operations

This edition of FUTURES, a new report published FREE by, explores the megatrends behind the growing use of AI in food and drinks operations, and how it’s likely to develop ahead.

In fact, AI has already infiltrated many parts of food and drinks production. From supply chain management, waste management, predictive maintenance and scheduled ordering to weather predictions, food safety compliance and new product development, machine learning is reshaping businesses.

From a big-picture perspective, creating more efficient ways to grow and process raw materials will help feed a growing and ageing global population – and avoid food waste.

At the same time, AI is being used to navigate climate change in order to plant crops in places where they will thrive. At company level, wider use of AI can create cost savings, better business management and therefore more profits.

At the moment, the world of AI in food and beverage production appears to be dominated by innovative start-ups and tech company collaborations, developing niche bits of machine learning to tackle specific challenges.

“AI technology can now be applied to every stage of the food chain and can be key to changing these processes, from initial production and farming through to the final products served,” says Nicola Sewell, marketing manager at AI-enabled food waste tracker, Winnow.

“Those that best harness this technology potential will become the food and beverage leaders of tomorrow.”

This report explores the mega-trends behind the growing use of AI in food and drinks operations, at how AI is likely to develop in the next five years, and we assess what food and drinks companies can start to do now.

About Futures: This is a new series of digital reports, designed to help food firms plan for the future. From customer trends to new tech, each issue will examine a key trend, helping food companies prepare for tomorrow, today.

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