Lindt Boutique

Lindt opens chi-chi chocolate boutique in Jo’burg

Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli has opened its first Chocolate Boutique in SA as a means to boost profitability and brand profile.

With the SA chocolate market valued at more than R5bn, middle-and upper-income consumers are increasingly developing a taste for premium chocolates and confectionery.

Although Lindt has retail partners such as Woolworths, Clicks and Pick n Pay, its retail stores are becoming important as a new business opportunity.

Lindt & Sprüngli SA CEO, Nicolas Thoenen, said the local chocolate market was consistently growing by more than 10% year on year.

“The premium chocolate segment, in which we have a driving force, has seen strong improvements over the last years and in which we see still lots of growth potential,” he said.

Says the Lindt press release:

“The Switzerland-listed company has made similar moves in other developing economies, including Brazil. The Lindt retail store, which opened in Sandton City, offers boxed chocolate, slabs and a Lindor pick and mix assortment.

“The first of its kind in South Africa, the LINDT Chocolate Boutique offers a customised, immersive brand experience designed to take chocolate appreciation to a new level. The new store will now provide customers with an intimate, luxurious glimpse into the world of the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatiers, and offer passionate chocolate lovers the opportunity to explore a wide selection of international LINDT flavours, as well as the full range of well-known favourites.

“Drawing on the warm brown and vibrant gold tones of the brand, the LINDT Chocolate Boutique draws inspiration from its successful international retail strategy, boasting a unique, sophisticated ambience designed to enrich the chocolate appreciation experience, and reflect the elegance and finesse the LINDT Swiss Master Chocolatiers have come to be known for.

“Over and above its retail offering, the LINDT Chocolate Boutique gives visitors a chance to experience the passion, dedication, and imagination of the LINDT Master Chocolatiers, and learn more about the unique processes, premium ingredients, and peerless artisanship that have made LINDT one of the world’s favourite chocolate brands for the past 170 years.

“With the help of on-site Chocolate Advisors, LINDT fans will also be able to discover new and exciting flavour profiles based on their individual preferences and lifestyles.”

Derek Engelbrecht, retail and consumer products sector leader at EY financial consultants, said chocolate was an impulse purchase.

“Impulsiveness is not linked to planning and saving, hence confectionery and sweets generally benefit from higher volumes, lower price, but appealing to the sweet tooth from a value perspective.

“Arguably, Lindt suffers from a perceived price premium perspective. This probably explains expanding their footprint through widespread availability via established retailers,” he said.

For some time, Lindt has operated two chocolate studios in Design Quarter Shopping Centre Fourways, Jo’burg, and Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village,  Green Point, Cape Town, see more at