Libstar launches world-class par-bake facility

Amaro Foods, a baked goods company in the Libstar stable, has upped its game with the commissioning of a new par-bake facility within its factory in Epping, Cape Town, and the first of its kind in South Africa.

This strategic development, says Libstar, is in line with global market trends where artisanal baking products are part of the daily food culture.

The facility now produces a range of partially-baked goods which are shipped to Woolworths stores around the country to complete the baking process.

The par-bake facility was launched in May 2019 and is one of 42 manufacturing plants owned by Libstar.

Spencer Sonn, MD of Woolworths Food; Tony Amaro, CEO of Amaro Food and Andries van Rensburg, CEO of Libstar.
Spencer Sonn, MD of Woolworths Food; Tony Amaro, CEO of Amaro Food and Andries van Rensburg, CEO of Libstar.

Tony Amaro, CEO of Amaro Foods, says, “It is important to predict and quickly adapt to consumer trends, as well as utilise opportunities for new product development.

“Consumers looking for artisanal products will now be able to find these in their regular shops and some fast food outlets.”

He says par-bake is an economical way of offering freshly baked goods without the need for full in-house baking facilities.

“The technique involves partially baking dough and then rapidly cooling it. The retailer then completes the process. It allows for the production of a range of fresh artisanal breads and rolls.

“One of the key benefits of par-bake is the reduction of waste. With fully baked goods, there is an expiration date which leads to waste and loss of income for retailers. However, par-bake allows retailers to better manage their stock and bake according to demand,” continues Amaro.

As well as reducing waste, the new facility also taps into the global demand for healthier food alternatives. “Par-bake uses fewer ingredients, which is a healthier alternative to mass produced products.”

Andries van Rensburg, CEO of Libstar, says, “Libstar has a strategy of supplying innovative and value-added products to our customers and consumers.

“We focus on the low-cost manufacture of quality, innovative and value-added products for discerning consumers. These consumers have proven to be more resilient in the ever-weakening economy.

“In today’s competitive environment, it remains key to anticipate the needs of consumers to build loyalty to Libstar’s brands at the point of purchase and consumption.

“We continue to leverage our long-standing relationships with customers in the retail, wholesale, industrial and export channels to produce innovative products in partnership with them.”

Source: Libstar