Lancewood launches the first double cream lactose-free yoghurt in SA

Lancewood – the innovative dairy arm of the Libstar Group – has come up with another interesting launch, the first lactose-free double cream yoghurt in SA.

In a nice NPD touch, Lancewood has launched Lactose-Free Tropical Fruit Yoghurt, appealing to two key consumer segments: real, full fat dairy fans and those who may be lactose-sensitive or intolerant – both of whom can now enjoy the delicious, extra creamy and fruity taste that this yoghurt has to offer.

The lactose free yoghurt is made by adding a lactase enzyme that breaks down the lactose sugar into glucose and galactose.

According to Shereen Anderhold, Lancewood’s marketing manager, “Consumers are constantly looking for new and delicious ways to spoil themselves. With our expanding yoghurt range, we strive to offer the perfect flavour for every moment to meet various consumer demands.

“Whether you’re following a specific diet, looking for a pick me up, protein boost, convenient snack or simply craving an indulgent treat, Lancewood has the ideal yoghurt lineup for all.”

While this is the only flavour offered in double cream format, Lancewood does have two low fat flavour choices in lactose free.

Source: Lancewood