Kellogg’s maintenance hits breakfast tables

“Getting it all this morning” might be delayed for some weeks as maintenance work at Kellogg’s South Africa’s plant has halted the production of All-Bran Flakes — and it is unlikely to resume soon, according to press reports.

The popular “weight management” cereal Special K, consumed by people wanting to “drop a jeans size in two weeks” has also been affected by the maintenance programme, the global cereals producer said on Monday.

Kellogg’s did not specify the nature of the work under way at its Springs production facility that began on July 1, nor could it explain why production of its other brands — including the country’s best-selling cereal, Corn Flakes, the chocolate-flavoured Coco Pops and wheat alternative Rice Krispies — had not been affected.

“We are working to resume production as quickly as possible,” the cereals maker said on Monday, although it could not specify when it would restart. Supply disruptions at Kellogg’s are providing an opportunity for local retailers to move their in-house brands into the line of consumers’ sight.

Pick n Pay’s divisional groceries manager Brian Austin said on Monday that there had been growth in sales for its no-name brand Bran Flakes generally, “and more so during this shortage”.

Woolworths said it was aware of Kellogg’s production “issues” and would continue to offer the group’s private label cereal products as an alternative.

Kellogg’s manufactures its products in 17 countries outside South Africa and distributes them to 180 countries worldwide.

All-Bran Flakes is the group’s second-biggest selling cereal in South Africa.

In the interim, Kellogg’s says it plans to import All-Bran Flakes and Special K from the UK, but it could take up to two months before consumers see them back on the shelves again, it said. The imported cereals could come at a higher cost for already-strained consumers battling higher borrowing costs, weak wage growth and rising inflation.