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Is pea protein moving from the fringe to mainstream?

Pea protein may be moving in from the food and beverage fringes, however formulating with the fast-growing ingredient is ‘no picnic’ according to functional confectionery firm, Carmit.

With global launches of products with the ingredient growing by 234% between 2010 and 2013, according to Mintel data, pea protein is moving in from the food and beverage fringes. However, creating more ‘mainstream’ foods with pea proteins can be a challenge for manufacturers, says Carmit.

Of the increase in new products containing pea protein, almost half of all launches in the past five years occurred in 2013 alone, added Mintel’s food science analyst Laura-Daisy Jones – adding that this was part of a growing overall interest in plant-based protein sources.

While pea protein may be taking off mainstream food segments, formulation with the ingredient is “no picnic”. 

Discussing the upcoming launch of its gluten-free pea protein wafer bar, the Israeli company said the ingredient’s appeal lay in its amino acid and hypoallergenic profile.

Of the formulation challenges, the Israeli firm’s technologist, Anat Goldshmidt, told FoodNavigator: “The main challenge in developing this bar was making sure that the product tastes great. That’s not always easy when working with protein, or pea protein in this case, as it tends to have a dominant flavour and a high viscosity.”…. Read more

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