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Is LCHF and nutritional ketosis a new treatment for HIV/AIDS?

Is Low Carb/High Fat diet and nutritional ketosis a new treatment for HIV AIDS? This is a question posed after new research has found that HIV/AIDS infection is significantly dependent on glucose, not dissimilar to cancer.

HIV has a voracious sweet tooth, which turns out to be its Achilles’ heel, reports a new study from Northwestern Medicine and Vanderbilt University.

After the virus invades an activated immune cell, it craves sugar and nutrients from the cell to replicate and fuel its wild growth throughout the body.

Scientists discovered the switch that turns on the immune cell’s abundant sugar and nutrient pipeline. Then they blocked the switch with an experimental compound, shutting down the pipeline, and, thereby, starving HIV to death. The virus was unable to replicate in human cells in vitro.

“Cutting back on glucose and therefore carbohydrate and sugar may be a major link in the treatment of this devastating disease,” writes Gary Fettke, orthopaedic surgeon and senior lecturer of the University of Tasmania, who is a leading LCHF advocate and has a popular website: www.nofructose.com.

It is worth further inquiry and just like in cancer management, nutritional ketosis may be worth trialling. I have seen the benefits for many people with infection and getting the immune system working better seems a no brainer.

“It all fits in with the nutritional model of inflammation and modern disease and processed food is central to that, see http://www.nofructose.com/introduction/nutritional-model-of-modern-disease-2/

“The discovery may have applications in treating cancer, which also has an immense appetite for sugar and other nutrients in the cell, which it needs to grow and spread.”

“Is this a major key to unlocking new treatment in infection? It could be,” he adds.


The overview from North Western University: Read here
The PLOS article can be read here

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