Ingredion acquires PureCircle

Ingredion to acquire majority stake in stevia supplier PureCircle

Ingredion has agreed to acquire a controlling 75% stake in PureCircle, one of the world’s largest suppliers of the stevia sweetener, for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2001, PureCircle is one of the market leaders in the stevia sector, and has developed a number of patented stevia varieties, including the proprietary StarLeaf stevia plant.

The proposed purchase has been approved by the boards of both companies, and the transaction is expected to close during the second half of 2020.

The transaction is still subject to approval by PureCircle’s shareholders and the relevant regulatory authorities. Both companies will remain as independent entities until the transaction has been completed.

Jim Zallie, president and chief executive officer of Ingredion, said: “PureCircle is a widely recognized innovator with a proven track record for producing great-tasting, plant-based stevia. Ingredion’s successful and global go-to-market model combined with our formulation expertise will be highly complementary with PureCircle’s capabilities.

“We have tremendous respect for the business that PureCircle has built for nearly two decades and are excited to welcome them to the Ingredion family. We are ready to support this new phase of growth with stevia’s on-trend and sustainable solutions.”

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If it is approved by shareholders, this deal has the potential to solve issues each of these individual companies face.

Even though its knowledge and leadership in the stevia market is vast, PureCircle is in deep financial trouble. And even though Ingredion offers more than 1,000 ingredients to food and beverage companies worldwide, it doesn’t have stevia brands of its own.

This deal would preserve PureCircle’s industry knowledge and leadership, as well as give Ingredion a large presence in one of the hottest sugar replacement ingredients. Ingredion has identified sugar reduction and specialty sweeteners as one of its core growth areas.

The last several years have been very good for PureCircle when it comes to business and innovation. PureCircle received a patent to use the more sugar-like glycoside Rebaudioside M in beverages in 2015. In 2017, it developed the StarLeaf variety, which has 20% more Reb M and desirable Reb D than regular stevia plants.

A year later, PureCircle​ developed a method to convert the more abundant Reb A, which has a somewhat bitter aftertaste, into Reb D and Reb M. In December 2019, PureCircle launched its new Sigma Syrup, a concentrated Reb M blend designed to overcome common solubility challenges.

But there has been less positive news from PureCircle in the recent past, too. In much-delayed year-end 2019 financials filed last week, the company posted a $79.7 million loss. The loss resulted from deep and long-lasting accounting issues the company discovered in September. It prompted a private audit from KPMG, as well as the ouster of the company’s founding CEO, its CFO and many members of the board…..

This option works well for PureCircle, given Ingredion’s global leadership in many areas of the ingredients market. But it also benefits Ingredion, which has a reputation for acquiring smaller companies that can bring new expertise to the fold.

In order to build its texturizing business, for example, Ingredion acquired rice ingredient company Sun Flour and TIC Gums. The company has not made any large acquisitions in the last few years, but its presence in stevia currently is mostly through distribution agreements with producer SweeGen.

According to Ingredion’s 2019 annual report, sugar reduction made up 36% of the company’s net sales last year, mostly through polyols including erythritol, and rare sugars including allulose. The acquisition of PureCircle will help that sales proposition grow exponentially, especially since new innovations in stevia have made formulators more strongly consider using the sweetener.

Once known for having a bitter aftertaste, stevia has come far. In 2018, the number of product launches with stevia increased 31% from the year before, according to Mintel statistics assembled by PureCircle. The growth rate just a year earlier was 11%. Much of this work in improving stevia can be credited to PureCircle. If the deal goes through, Ingredion is in prime position to reap the benefits — and quickly become one of the world’s go-to stevia suppliers.

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