FiE Innovation 2015

Ingredient innovation winners from FiE 2015

Fi Europe 2015 was held in Paris last week, the biennial gathering of the global food ingredients industry. The show brought visitors from over 119 countries and over 1 400 exhibitors – and has been described as a huge success despite some big names pulling out at the last minute due to security concerns in the French capital.

Here is news of FiE 2015’s Innovation Awards….

“In a time when innovation in the food industry is challenged by financial pressure, regulatory barriers and also consumer distrust it is both the duty and the joy of the FiE Innovation Awards Jury to celebrate the companies who carry the torch of innovation,” said the judging panel.

Best Bakery Innovation

AAK – Akopastry HP 400 & 200

AAK, the Swedish fats and oil ingredients manufacturer’s Akopastry HP is a margarine designed specifically for puff pastry. It offers significant cost efficiency to manufacturers and pastry made with it shows improved structure and nutritional profile.

Best Beverage Innovation

FrieslandCampina Kievit – Vana-Cappa 26W

Vana-Cappa 26W is an ‘extra texture’ foaming creamer that meets consumer needs for an indulgent café-style coffee at home. It turns an instant Italian-style coffee into an indulgent experience with improved foam texture, structure, stability, and a delicious taste. The real thing in instant!

Vana-Cappa 26W is based on non-HVO refined coconut oil and meets consumer needs regarding health consciousness and more natural ingredients. 

Best Confectionary Innovation

AAK – Tropicao

Tropicao chocolate solution, which comprises a fat and a machine, tackles heat-related bloom, the most frequent chocolate quality complaint in hot climates. Tropicao allows manufacturers in Latin America, Asia and the Middle East to produce bloom-stable chocolate, which maintains the chocolate’s sensorial qualities.

Best Dairy Innovation

Arla Foods Ingredients – Nutrilac

Nutrilac whey protein can help dairy manufacturers turn acid whey, a by-product of Greek yoghurt and cream cheese production, from a hard-to-handle waste to a raw ingredient that can add value to a range of products. It has won a number of previous industry awards.

Best Functional Innovation

Scelta Mushrooms – Scelta Taste Accelerator

Also winner of the overall innovation prize at FiE 2015, the ingredient solution from this small Dutch company uses the natural power of umami to increase flavour – as an alternative to MSG/I+G/AYE – and reduces sodium up to 50% in processed foods, ‘without compromising taste and function’.

Although made from mushroom, Scelta has succeeded to reduce the distinct mushroom flavour from these powders and concentrates, without using chemical processes. The product can be declared as natural aroma and can be used in many different savoury solutions.

Best Natural/Organic Innovation

Fiberstar – Citri-Fi 100

Citri-Fi 100, a natural citrus fibre with intact pectin, can replace or extend added pectin in fruit-based food products.This innovative solution can provide food manufacturing companies cost savings and stable supply, globally.

Best Savoury/Meat Innovation

Roquette – NUTRALYS T70S

NUTRALYS pea proteins are extracted by Roquette from the dry yellow pea. The pea is subjected to a wet process treatment with resulting isolates of 85 to 90% protein.

The purity of the proteins, and their emulsifying and solubility functionality, make them suitable for use with meats and fish products, as well as a protein enrichment option in all types of food.

Best Sustainability Innovation

Cargill – Affordable finance for cocoa farmer cooperatives

The Cargill Cocoa Promise project addresses access to affordable funding for cocoa farmer cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire, the first of its kind in the cocoa sector.

Provided in partnership with the Ivorian bank SIB and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the initiative provides affordable loans for trucks for cocoa farmer cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire. The funding is available to graduates of the Cargill Coop Academy, a dedicated educational program for managers of cocoa farmer cooperatives. The main benefit is that cocoa farmers can transport their cocoa beans to market more easily and reliably. Forty-three cooperatives are participating in the initiative and 78 new trucks have been leased in the first year alone.

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