Today Cookie dough

Heinz Foods launches ready-to-bake biscuit doughs

Designed to help those parents challenged to find convenient, cost-effective and fun ways to keep their children occupied, Heinz Foods SA has launched the Today Ready-to-Bake Biscuit Dough range to help parents get their children ‘analogue happy’ ie away from the TV, video-games and PCs, and instead get them involved in the kitchen in an enjoyable way.

The easy three-step ‘cut, bake and eat’ recipe gives consumers all the home-baked goodness without the mess or the fuss in as little as ten minutes. Ideal for parties, home-made snacks or great for baking together as a family.

“In today’s time-starved culture, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-eat products are key for most families,” says Karin O‟ Donoghue, marketing manager of Heinz Foods South Africa. “With this in mind the new biscuit dough range gives parents and children a great way to create home-baked items without the hassle of baking from scratch. Now, even the most inexperienced bakers can enjoy the rewards of baking.”

She says this baking innovation will help parents encourage their children to develop a love for baking, without the usual fuss of broken eggs, dust-clouds of flour, and messy kitchen spills.

Today Biscuit Dough is available in four variants: ginger, coconut, chocolate and vanilla flavours. Provided the packaging remains sealed, the raw biscuit dough can be stored frozen for up to 9 months at -18°C.