Have your dog and eat it!

Of course, every dog lover’s dog is cute enough to eat… Literally? For avid dog lovers in the UK, their luck’s in, because the new cup cakes of the British bakery world come in the shape of loveable pups. Yes, we’re talking about ‘cake dogs’.

Design duo Rich and Eddie Lebeau are the clever bakers-icers behind the aptly named cake company, Cake Doggy Dog, and creators of a range of eerily life-like, candied canine cakes.

The cakes include realistic-looking floppy ears, snouts and paws of adorable dogs – all edible of course.

After receiving a sea of compliments for a bulldog birthday cake they made for a friend a few years ago, the couple say the seed was planted.

“Soon we were creating cake dogs for all our favourite people of all our favourite dogs,” the couple write on their website.

“At Cake Doggy Dog we say no to novelty; we create cakes, handcrafted at every stage, that are as stimulating to the eye as they are to the taste buds.

Cake doggy“Whether it’s a cake that looks so much like your dog you’re afraid it’ll lick your face – or cupcakes and cake pops that are so pretty you’ll want to decorate your home with them, we ensure all our creations are a visual delight and a tasty treat.”

“Our dog cakes take between 10 to 15 hours depending on the amount of detail and extra features the cake has… Our simple cake dogs take 10-12 hours but the more elaborate designs (cake dogs with pillows and accessories) take around 15 hours.”

Dog lovers can now get their sugar and cute fix all in one bite. Prices start from £300 and so far the collection includes vanilla, chocolate and red velvet flavoured French bulldogs, hounds, pugs, a Cavalier King Charles and even a Royal corgi.

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