Great local pouch innovation for food granules/powders

Push & Dose is a new and savvy dosing innovation for the SA consumer market. Developed by Reitech, it offers optimal sprinkling of powdery and granulated products.

Working with its long-standing partner, HDG, a leading pouch-packaging machines manufacturer, the new pouch is ideal for small granules.

The Push & Dose unit is mounted inside the flexible package and consists of an elastic, perforated membrane between springy expansion plates. The contents are perfectly sprinkled through the holes created by stretching the membrane on each “push”.


  • Can be used for dosing a variety of granules and powders such as spices and herbs.
  • Food products: cheese powder, milk powder, cake decorations, peanuts/nuts.
  • Special products: speciality seeds, chemicals, household cleaning products.


  • Easy to open.
  • Larger or smaller perforations can be chosen to suit the product.
  • Push and dose for perfect sprinkling.
  • Allows for precise and customised sprinkling.
  • Closing mechanism keeps product fresh for longer.
  • Eliminates the use of plastic and glass bottles and is recyclable.

Cape Town-based Reitech is a leading supplier of packaging machinery and equipment in SA. See more here