Great bit of marketing from NOMU!

When Unilever announced the pullout of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise from South African shelves about a month ago, NOMU, well-known for its classy products and brand positioning, decided to joke with their fans.

They posted the image of a replacement mayo on social media. “We’ve got this,” they reassured their followers.

The fans were excited. Orders started rolling in, including a large one from a distributor.

Only, the image was a mockup. With “just kidding” in not-so-small print. At the time, there was no intention to launch this product.

“Egged on” by the market reaction, this week they soft launched with a limited production of 1,000 units. And this time it’s a real #experiment.

You have to love the copy…

Here’s the great explainer on their website…

“NOMU’s highest-quality, NON-TANGY response to a South Africa desperately in need of a creamy and thick, homestyle mayonnaise! We call this real ‘OpenSauce Softshare’…

“Homegrown, authentic, consistent, real mayonnaise, produced at the highest standards.

“South Africa egged us on to do this, and this is the result!’

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out!