FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Awards 2023

Trade visitors to the world’s top fresh produce show this February have voted a piquant pepper as the Innovation of the Year.

The winner of this year’s Innovation Award at the annual Berlin FRUIT LOGISTICA expo is a pepper from Rijk Zwaan in the Netherlands, marketed under the brand name Tatayoyo.

The pepper has a distinct and strong flavour which originates from wild peppers. With its medium-sized pod between a bell pepper and snack pepper it is ideal for eating in a short break.

Its taste impressed the trade visitors at FRUIT LOGISTICA. Over a period of two days they were able to vote on their choice for the most coveted international fruit industry award. With over a quarter of the votes, the Tatayoyo pepper won the gold FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award (FLIA).

“We are very pleased to have won the FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award for the third time. From the very beginning, our goal with Tatayoyo was to breed a pepper that is not only sweet but also tastes savoury and aromatic,” says Heleen van Rijn-Wassenaar, marketing executive at Rijk Zwaan.

“Ten years ago we started breeding the peppers until the taste, colour and size met our expectations. Now we have a product that also convinces consumers.”

“Tatayoyo has a unique flavour profile that delivers an evolution to the pepper category currently dominated by peppers that are all sugar, but not much else. This pepper is sweet and has the volatiles making it enjoyable to consumers in a myriad of ways. Besides the flavor with actual volatiles, Tatayoyo offers aroma – especially when cooking – as well as a crunchy texture and a long shelf life,” comments a US buyer and marketer of the peppers.

“The explosion of aromas when you eat or cut Tatayoyo makes it the most exciting and wonderful pepper I have ever eaten.”David Perie, Rijk Zwaan USA

Silver FLIA also goes to the Netherlands

The IDEAL Melons concept from Sygenta Seeds took second place.

The IDEAL Melons concept from Syngenta with its harvest indicator is a patent-pending innovation which signals each stage of a melon’s ripening process: when it can be harvested, shipped, stored on shelves and consumed.

The bronze FLIA

Anecoop from Spain was delighted with its bronze FLIA. Trade visitors voted the company’s Brocomole ¿Y si? de Bouquet in third place.

This innovative product is a new type of dip for lovers of guacamole. Adding broccoli to guacamole reduces its carbon footprint by more than 50%, as cultivating broccoli requires less water.

Brocomole is made from 97% fresh broccoli and avocado and contains fibres, vitamin C and potassium.

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from over 130 countries.