FoodSure launches new service offerings in quality and safety

FoodSure, the Jo’burg-based food label verification company, has expanded its service offering, from its original stand-alone service of food verification to now assist retailers and manufacturers in closing the operational gaps in quality and safety.

This move, it says, is in line with FoodSure’s mission to restore consumer trust in the industry and reduce FMCG manufacturers’ and retailers’ risk exposure.
“Retailers and manufacturers are under pressure when it comes to the quality and safety of products on the shelves. While they have their own in-house quality measures, when failure occurs human error is always cited. This is due to the multiple points in the supply chain where operational gaps may occur,” says Amanda Rogaly, MD of FoodSure.
“FoodSure is positioned to assist retailers and manufacturers with tailor-made solutions to identify the operational gaps in their supply and operational chain and provide a double check system that assists in closing these gaps.”
FoodSure has developed a variety of offerings including: local in-store audits, product audits, product testing and evaluation, in-store training, in-store consumer research, private label product range audits and endorsement, as well as product label evaluation.
FoodSure’s independent testing is conducted through accredited lab partners and a team of independent specialists and food consultants to provide industry input on label accuracy, training and solutions that aim to reduce the operational gaps.

In addition, FoodSure is developing an online label verification platform for consumers to check brands that have been independently tested.
FoodSure is also supporting small “home-made and artisanal” manufacturers in the industry who do not have the resources in-house, by providing training, guidance and certification.

“Our support is designed to empower and up skill small business and assist them in becoming compliant suppliers to larger retailers,” says Rogaly. “We believe our services add value to the industry and will assist in reducing the reputational risk associated with food safety and quality issues, thereby building a sustainable consumer trust building strategy.”


FoodSure was founded in 2013 by Amanda Rogaly, brand marketing expert on protecting the trust relationship between the industry and the retailer, and Eugene Beck, entrepreneur and FMCG expert who founded the Real Juice Company.