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Food + Drink: Trends and Futures

Food and drink consumers have never known such an abundance of choice, and food has probably never been so central to popular culture — yet its future has rarely seemed so controversial. The newest report from the Innovation Group, J Walter Thompson’s in-house creative think tank for the future, explores food and drink at this critical juncture.

The report features:
• A survey of 1,000 US and UK food and drink consumers from SONAR, J Walter Thompson’s research unit.
• 10 pages of infographics revealing surprising shifts in consumer attitudes toward food and drink.
• 18 key trends in the food and drink sectors reflecting changing consumer mindsets.
• Five in-depth case studies of innovators already responding to these shifts in dining and hospitality.
You can purchase the full 93-page report on JWT’s site or read the executive summary on SlideShare, click below.

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