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Five consumer trends that can shape your package

Packaging Trends LToday’s consumers are a demanding bunch and shelf impact is no longer enough to win them over. Tetra Pak has outlined five macro-trends that are having an impact on consumer behaviour and their interaction with brands and products.

Easy living

Life isn’t slowing down and consumers are increasingly eating meals and snacks on-the-go. But today’s consumers are looking for alternatives to the old fast-food options.

They’re looking for time-saving foods that are fresh, nutritious and customisable. For packaging this means on-the-go sizes and clear graphics.

Healthy balance

Consumers have a more holistic view of health and are looking for products that promote physical and mental well-being.

Think functional benefits and superfoods packaged in a way that appeals to the need for calmness and purity.

Clean, simplistic packaging designs and fresh colours send the right message.

Chosen individualism

Today’s consumers aren’t just buying products; they’re using them to express their identity. The more unique, the better.

Personalised packaging and customisable products create a relationship with a brand and make consumers feel unique. And personal commands a premium. 48% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for personalised products.

Packages can respond to this trend with conversational graphics and personalised “designed for me” cues.

Me, us & our planet

As more and more brands try and make a sustainability statement, how do you stick out?

Consumers are now used to sustainable products and sustainability communication, making it harder than ever to get noticed.

In addition to using sustainable and recyclable materials, brands will need to appeal to consumer’s self-interest by highlighting the personal benefits clearly on the package.

Local power

As globalisation increases, consumers are seeking alternatives to mass-produced food and drinks. Small-scale, local and traditional processes are experiencing a renaissance in popularity.

Packaging may see a return to traditional ways of packaging or using old-fashioned designs with a modern twist. To meet this trend, think about adding creative typography, personal messaging, or sourcing to your packaging.

Source: Tetra Pak