First ‘truly crispy oven snacks’ come to market

Following years of R&D, Crisp Sensation Holdings, Swiss owner of a worldwide patented food coating system, has announced that its licensee Royaan has launched the first products made with its breakthrough crumb coating.

The Dutch manufacturer of snack products has introduced a range of oven snacks under the brand name Kwekkeboom. All products in the range, from the meat croquettes to the cheese dippers, use the patented Crisp Sensation technology and are said to be characterised by outstanding crispiness that matches deep-fry coatings and is unparalleled by other oven baked snacks.

Initially, the products will open up new possibilities for the food service industry before being made available to consumers via retail stores.

Kwekkeboom is a leading brand of premium crumb coated snacks in the Netherlands. The range comprises beef croquettes, typically Dutch “bitterballen”, cheese dippers and chicken nuggets – the latter in pure chicken or with added Italian, saté or curry fillings.

Thanks to the Crisp Sensation technology, the products are said to score with a superior crumb and a core that remains juicy and tender. The special coating process also makes sure that there is no breaking or leaking of the contents during cooking.

First to recognise these advantages was the airline Corendon, which has been serving Kwekkeboom meat croquets during flights for almost two months. Until now it has been impossible for cabin crew to prepare snacks with a crunchy crust comparable to fried products thousands of feet up in the air. Now, the Crisp Sensation technology has made it possible for passengers to enjoy high quality, warm and tasty in-flight snacks.

Besides superior crispiness, the Crisp Sensation technology is claimed to bring another advantage: once reheated, the products remain crispy and juicy for up to three hours in regular holding units. These benefits open doors for caterers, airlines, gastronomy, petrol stations and cinemas: with their easy preparation and ability to be kept warm for hours without loss of quality, periods of high and low demand can be handled equally easily.

With its technology, Crisp Sensation says that it allows manufacturers to produce a wide variety of products for preparation in a diverse range of ways: from microwave and conventional oven cooking to air frying and conventional frying.

As with Royaan, Crisp Sensation offers its technology to all of its licensees as part of a long-term partnership that includes support in product development and implementation.

According to Gerrit Dreise, commercial director EMEA/Asia for Crisp Sensation, several licensees are currently working on exciting new product introductions worldwide.

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