EU: Coca-Cola plans roll out of non-alcoholic adult soft drink

The Coca-Cola Company is said to be preparing for a European-wide launch of one of its very niche brands, a premium non-alcoholic adult soft drink called Tumult that’s currently only sold in Paris.

Designed to be consumed with food and targeted at trendy urban sophisticates in their thirties, the malt-based soft drink in slim cans and bottles has been trialled in trendy Parisian outlets and local branches of retailer Monoprix.

Coke said last year that it was aiming to roll the drink across France and Europe, subject to establishing the brand within Paris where Tumult is pitched as a low calorie beverage for weight-conscious consumers.

It hopes Tumult, a fizzy drink made from a natural fermentation process without the production of alcohol, will seduce 30- and 40- year-olds’ for their aperitifs or fine dining. Priced at 3.50 euros for four 25oml glass bottles, Tumult is positioned as a premium product on store shelves, next to Schweppes Tonic.

Tumult, a low-calorie drink with no preservatives or artificial flavours, intends to attract people who watch their weight and diet, with a fruity version for women, and malty for men. They are, respectively, Fruity (apricot and pear) and Malty (apple and malt barley).

Tumult is perfect to ‘brighten up social moments,’ good with sushi, and “more visible on the shelf, sexier in the hand and light-hearted overall,” notes beveragedaily.com.

“Our first targets are the “foodies,” who love cooking and new restaurants,” said Olivier Chantraine, the French launch manager. “We’re giving ourselves two to five years to install the brand as a real alternative to the existing supply of drinks before expanding its distribution to all of France and Europe.”

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