Engen’s new FoodPure food-grade lubricant range

Food-grade lubricants are vital aspects of the operational maintenance of the foodbev production and processing industry.

Following the listeriosis outbreak of 2017 and the COVID-19 crisis that started in late 2019, food safety, and the conditions and maintenance of processing environments have never been more important.

What is a food-grade lubricant?

While health and safety laws are seen as a priority for the food industry, hygiene and cleanliness standards are just as important on the workshop floor. This is where lubricants must perform their designated task of reducing wear, friction, and corrosion while having the added undertaking of being food safe.

The relentless environment of foodbev processing plants is such that products need not only be able to endure the stresses and strains of machinery that are heavily used, but also provide optimal protection against oxidation, rust, bacteria, and any other form of contamination.

Engen’s range of quality-guaranteed, food-grade lubricants are designed to meet the specific needs of the bakery, butchery, packaging, beverage, pharmaceutical, sugar, cosmetic, and food processing industries.

Engen FoodPure offers a comprehensive range of lubricant products that exceed industry standards, catering to every part of the manufacturing processing operation. 

“Our product range extends the lifespan of equipment and guarantees the highest certifications for safety and quality,” says Tariq Ahmed, Engen Product Manager, Industrial Technical Advisory.

“A major benefit is that there is no need to secure multiple products for each category of equipment which saves time and effort. As a non-contaminant lubricant provider, our product range reduces HSEQ risks such as spoilt products and recalls, as well as provides all the necessary reputational assurance that one would expect from a leading provider,” adds Ahmed.

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