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Editor’s Pick: Week July 10, 2017

This Cornell scientist saved Hawaii’s papaya industry — and ignited the GMO wars.

It’s in vogue to produce and consume things that are natural, wild, and untreated by modern industrial methods. That goes for food, wine, and, increasingly, beer. Unpasteurised beer is having a moment…

Top 12 Summer Fancy Food Show Trends: what’s making waves in America’s upper food echelons

The bottled water category is awash with innovation, some of it verging on the extraordinary. Here are 14 new waters to watch

How can companies find the best way to innovate: Reformulation or a new product launch?

New ‘Foodiesim’: Fighting for the right to food that’s green, nutritious, affordable, and fair is a fight to avert catastrophe and ultimately improve life on this planet. Thoughtful essay from Mark Bittman

Fizzy milk or crunchy cheese, anyone? The food of the future – innovation insights from Arla and Barilla. A long but fascinating read from The Guardian.

The FMCG food-drinks industry today is seeing an explosion of innovation and revolution. Ten forces behind the explosion…

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