non stick yoghurt lid

Developed in Japan: the non-stick yoghurt foil

Japan-based Morinaga Group has developed a world-first technology that prevents yoghurt from sticking to the pot lid – no more dissonant debate on whether “to lick or not to lick”!

This new technology has been developed in cooperation with Japanese Toyo Aluminium and is based on a packaging technology called ‘Toyal Lotus’.

According to, the structure of the material’s surface has been adapted and inspired by the lotus leaf, which is known for repelling water and always remaining dry and clean.

Currently the new non-adhesion technology is used by leading Japanese yoghurt brand, Meiji Bulgaria, but other Japanese dairy producers recently started using it too.

The lid calls to mind the coating LiquiGlide, invented by an MIT professor in 2012. In addition to demonstrations involving glue and ketchup bottle, LiquiGlide looks to be impervious to yoghurt. The company signed an agreement with Elmer’s Products recently to produce a special non-stick glue container, reports the New York Times.