Sugar 2.0

Dad develops Sugar 2.0 to cut his children’s sugar consumption

Concerned about his kids’ excessive sugar consumption, a California father has created a healthier sugar replacement.

Like most parents, Trong Nguyen was concerned about how much sugar his kids were consuming every day. But unlike them, Nguyen, a Southern California food product developer, used his knowledge to address the issue in a simple yet innovative way.

The result is the game-changing Sugar 2.0, a non-GMO cane sugar product with half the sugar, a third less calories and the same familiar taste and mouth feel as real sugar.

Nguyen felt there were only two alternatives to reducing his children’s alarming sugar consumption. Try to eliminate sugar altogether, far easier said than done. Or switch to synthetic sweeteners, whose health advantages are still being debated.

Nguyen was uncomfortable with artificial sweeteners and fillers, and besides, his children hated the bitter flavours and wouldn’t touch it.

He felt that the only realistic way to create a reduced sugar replacement without affecting flavour was to cut the sugar content in half and replace the other half with a natural ingredient that had sugar’s familiar texture, taste and versatility.

After more than two years of research, Nguyen found a natural, sustainable ingredient capable of blending seamlessly with sugar while retaining its natural sweet taste.

“I was staring at apple slices that I had cut up for my kids”, said Nguyen, “and had a eureka moment! It struck me that one reason why eating something as sweet as an apple is still beneficial is because of its fibre content. Reducing sugar is important but the linchpin is blending sugar with soluble fibre. It enabled me to remove non-essential fillers while adding an important nutrient usually lacking in the everyday diet.”

Nguyen believes Sugar 2.0 is the NEXT BIG THING — real cane sugar blended with non-GMO soluble prebiotic fibre for a synergistic taste and mouth feel.

The breakthrough ingredient not only cuts sugar content in half it also enhances its nutritional value with fibre. Fibre plays an instrumental part in digestive and immune health. Fibre is a carb blocker that helps to reduce the absorption of sugar in the body.

Lastly, Sugar 2.0 contains no artificial ingredients or high-intensity sweeteners, meaning the bitterness and chemical aftertaste of synthetic sweeteners do not exist in Sugar 2.0.

In addition, recipes do not have to be adjusted for Sugar 2.0; it can be used as a 1:1 replacement for conventional sugar.

Debuting in December 2015, Sugar 2.0 in less than six months has already hit supermarket shelves at many California retail chains, as well as a host of independent stores.

Sugar 2.0 anticipates heavyweight grocers Pavilions and Albertsons will come on board later this year, with Wal-Mart, Kroger and selected Costco club stores to follow.

Sugar 2.0: