Top UK brand

Coca-Cola is Britain’s best-selling brand

Coca-Cola sales rose to almost £1.1bn last year, as it once again strode to first place in the The Grocer magazine’s annual Britain’s 100 Biggest Brands survey.

Sales of the drink were up 8.3pc in 2010 in the UK’s “nervous” post-recession market.

The Grocer editor Adam Leyland said: ”You mess with a winning formula at your peril. And the perilous economy has persuaded many of Britain’s biggest brands to play it safe, most notably Coca-Cola, the biggest of them all. In the past two years, it’s stripped the proposition back to just Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. And to telling effect.”

Warburton’s held on to its place as the second-highest selling brand with sales of £742.4m, up 1.5pc, followed by Walkers crisps at £590.9m, up 4.2pc.

Doritos was the biggest climber in the list, leaping 14 places to 55th as sales rose 20.7pc to £123.7m.

“One of the most important ‘insights’ to emerge in recent times is the ‘big night in’,” said Leyland. “The most obvious beneficiary has been Doritos.”

Cadbury biscuits broke into the top 100 for the first time in 92nd place thanks to a 32pc increase in sales to £88.2m, as Burton’s Foods made good used of its Cadbury license.

However, Mars bucked positive trend for chocolate confectionary makers falling 20 places to 73rd, as sales slipped 14pc to £102.1m.

“Mars is looking a bit past its sell-by date,” said Richard Buchanan, director of branding agency The Clearing, told The Grocer. “Look at its black, red and gold branding – it is the Ford Capri of chocolate bars. It oozes masculinity [in a market which is becoming geared towards premium, feminine products].”

Mars, which has a five-year sponsorship deal with the England football team, was also hit by nation’s disappointing display at the World Cup in South Africa. Mars said its product remained “the number one substantial brand in the UK”.

Also struggling last year was Goodfella’s (pizza brand) which fell out of the top 100 as sales slumped 15.5pc to £74.7m.

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