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Chocolate butter

A food dream come true: chocolate butter!

Butter is great, chocolate is amazing – put the two together and you have every chocoholic’s dream come true.

New Zealand based dairy company, Lewis Road Creamery, have joined forces with Whittaker’s Chocolate to create what they believe is the world’s first commercial chocolate butter.

Founder of Lewis Road Creamery, Peter Cullaine, says the idea for the butter came about during an afternoon tea of French pastries: “The French, who know a thing or two about butter, chocolate and pastries, have always had a soft spot for pain au chocolat and it got us thinking,” he says.

“What if we combined the world’s best butter and best chocolate in an easy-to-spread blend that would be good with almost anything?

“When we whipped up the first batch we spread it on warm croissants, and it was magic,” explains Peter. “But it is really versatile and is delicious on toast, pancakes, crumpets and in baking – it can be used on everything from morning toast to slathering on a slice of steak.”

He added that the butter, made with Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Chocolate, is free from palm oil, differentiating it from other chocolate spreads on the market.

“It will most appeal to those seeking an indulgent, real chocolate spread made from simple, quality ingredients – in this case New Zealand’s best butter and best chocolate. And, compared to other spreads, there’s no palm oil and much less sugar.”

As of now, the butter is only available in New Zealand but Cullaine has his eyes on the UK and Australia as potential markets for the product in the future: “We don’t know what will happen, but we think it could be an absolute winner for us.

“One of the things that excites us about it, is that if it does as well as we expect it to do in the local market, then it’s a great product for export as well.”


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