instant cocoa drinks

Cargill breakthrough puts instant into cocoa drinks

Cargill has announced a breakthrough in cocoa powder technology which enables faster and improved dispersion in cold drink mix application.

The company claims to be the first to crack the technical challenge of improving the speed at which cocoa powder disappears below the surface of cold liquid – known as wettability. Its new cold dispersible cocoa powders demonstrate increased wettability rates of 100% when compared to market standard and will disperse evenly throughout the liquid. This performance is maintained throughout the product’s shelf life which it says is “something that doesn’t hold true for existing products.”

With a number of patents pending, Cargill is currently unable to further expand on the technology behind this development. Dr Henri Kamphuis, quality and technology director, Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate told; “Unfortunately on the grounds of commercial confidentiality we cannot provide further technical details of how the product works at the moment.”

The announcement follows what the company describes as “years of research and development work” and is an area which “many manufacturers in this market have been looking at for some time,” said Kamphuis.

The news comes well in advance of the official launch of the first cocoa powders featuring the new technology, which is scheduled for 2012 under the company’s premium Gerkens premium brand. According to Kamphuis, the timing will “inform our customers and the industry well in advance regarding our innovation, so they have time to anticipate their requirements and have adequate preparation time.”

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