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Cape Town’s Vital Health Foods evolves into healthy snacking

Vital Bar 1 LNutritional supplements manufacturer, Vital Health Foods in Cape Town, has launched a line of grab-and-go nutritional snacks.

With 70 years in the health industry, the Western Cape-based company claims it is ideally positioned to play in the intersection between health supplements and food.

The Vital Bars and Bites are made from dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds and contain 12 vitamins (from A to E) at 100% Nutrient Reference Values (NRV), which is the daily recommended nutritional intake.

The bars are available in three flavours – Cashew & Coconut, Almond & Coca, and Seed, Almond & Cinnamon –  and are free from added sugar, gluten, preservatives, colourants and flavourants.

Vital CrispsVital’s air-popped rice crisps are made from wholegrain brown and white rice and contain less than 400 kilojoules (96 kcal) per 20g serving.

They are free of gluten, trans fat, added MSG, preservatives and aspartame available in three variants – Fruit Chutney, Sweet & Spicy Pepper Salsa, and Cream Cheese & Chives.

Vital Claire BThe popularity of snacking

Claire Braithwaite (R), senior manager for the company’s foods category, says the snacks are targeted at anyone with a busy lifestyle who is trying to follow a balanced diet, particularly in light of the fact that snacking makes up more than 50% of the South African consumer’s daily food and drink intake.

“People are far more informed about what they should be eating and are consciously making healthy decisions,” says Andrea du Plessis, Vital Health Foods’ nutrition expert.

“Many snacks contain large quantities of hidden sugars, fats and salt, [and carbs? Ed] and have little nutritional value in terms of vitamins and fibre. Vital realised that there was a need to develop snacks that contribute to nutritional intake and are also delicious,” she says.

Vital Health Foods has a team of in-house nutritional experts who develop and test products under the scrutiny of a quality assurance and regulatory team, and all its food products meet the British Retail Consortium (BRC) quality standard.

The Vital Bars and Bites retail for R18.99 per 40g bar, while Vital Crisps sells for R6.99 for the 20g pack; R16.99 for the 85g sharing packs; and R14.99 for the strip of four 15g packs.

They are sold online, as well as through several major retailers.