Cape Town novel protein pioneers get big venture capital boost

Maltento, a pioneering biotech company based in Cape Town, has successfully concluded a capital raise of £3.3-million (R63.78-million) from Sand River Venture Capital.

Founded in 2018, Maltento specialises in regenerative nutrition which centers around farming black soldier flies for animal feed.

It focuses on the development of a novel biotechnological process to convert by-products from the brewing industry, fruit pulps and feed manufacturers to nourish its insects that, in turn, become and create sustainable natural nutritional ingredients for pet food and multiple farming sectors.

Our product portfolio is focused on nutrition (providing high quality ingredients for balanced diets); health (functional compounds in premixes according to life-stage feeding regimes); the feeding experience (including natural Pallatents) and soil enhancement. All of our products are designed for optimal efficacy and production process fit and are available in dry or wet form. Maltento website

“We are delighted to announce this investment into our company, given our shared values, and Sand River’s commitment to funding innovative solutions that will aim to sustainably secure and better protect the planet’s natural resources for the future,” says the company.

“Our CEO, Dean Smorenburg, supported by our commercial director, Dominic Malan, have spent a number of years working very hard to give Maltento wings for growth. The funding injection will enable us to significantly scale up the business,”

Operating from its factory located in Epping, Cape Town, Maltento currently ships more than 15 tonnes of processed black soldier fly larvae to the United States every month.

Dominic Malan, the commercial director and co-founder of Maltento told Biznews that highlighting the gut health and hypoallergenic benefits of insect protein rather than focusing solely on the origin and the insects could shift the narrative and encourage the adoption of insect-based products among humans….

Listen to the interview here… [fascinating insights into the extensive value in this protein….ED]


Caption top: Maltento CEO, Dean Smorenburg, and commercial director, Dominic Malan.