Cannabis in baked goods? Yes! With new baker’s hemp seed oil

Paarl-based pharma-functional ingredients innovator, Afriplex, has launched a cannabis oil that will allow bakers to add on-trend health benefits to many staple foods.

Consumers today are increasingly mindful of health and well-being and are considering their favourite foods to support this behavioural shift.

“The appetite for nutritionally-enriched foods is being fuelled by the pandemic that has brought overall health into sharp focus. Baked goods, being one of the most consumed staple foods, serves as the perfect vehicle for this,” says Ilse Deist, a botanicals specialist at Afriplex.

“Cannabis is currently experiencing a global surge in popularity. However, legislation related to the inclusion of CBD and THC ingredients limits the freedom of formulating with these ingredients. 

“Keeping this restrictive nature of the legislative framework in mind, Afriplex has developed a cannabis oil formulated for application in baked goods including, but not limited to bread, cookies, cakes and rusks,” she adds.

Afriplex Baker’s Hemp Seed Oil is naturally rich in essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3s and omega-6s.

“These fatty acids are vital for the standard operation of all body systems and advocate evidence for curative properties ranging from reducing inflammation and improving skin quality, to promoting heart health,” says Deist.

“Enrichment with hemp-containing ingredients can add a powerful arsenal of nutrition to common baked goods, thus providing a competitive advantage to producers looking to differentiate their products with compelling ingredient claims.”

Afriplex Baker’s Hemp Oil is fortified with Vitamin E to ensure the natural preservation of actives.

Afriplex’s extensive botanical inclusion portfolio includes versatile enrichment and fortification solutions that deliver on various sought-after benefits.


Afriplex develops alongside the Cannabis Research Institute of South Africa (CRI)