Bulk bucket innovation from Contan

Contan Buckets & Pails, a specialist division of Polyoak Packaging, is launching an innovative new closure, the OctoGrip Lid, developed through extensive testing with eight sturdy locking tabs to prevent lids from accidentally coming off. It is ideal for bulk foodstuffs.

It features a robust tamper band, which provides additional strength to survive the roughest supply chain. When applied to the bucket, this packaging solution provides good top load strength for efficient stacking, and attractive display with outstanding quality decoration through in-mould labelling (IML), or offset print in six colours.

The OctoGrip Lid features simple opening instructions on the top surface. Simply cut and peel away the tamper band to expose its eight locking tabs, then unclip each one to release the grip, and simply lift off the lid.  To re-close, press the lid down firmly all round, which secure the lid firmly in place.

The OctoGrip Lid provides extra secure grip, especially after first opening. Its triple closure system includes plug, seal and grip which remain intact and fully effective, even after the tamper band has been removed.  OctoGrip prevents accidental spills of bulk foodstuffs, such as cooking oil (lids available with pull and pour application).

“We are confident and excited about our innovative OctoGrip Lid solution. We are currently trialling this with a number of our partners with extremely positive results so far,” says Karl Lambrecht, chief executive for Contan.

Contan also offers buckets made from recycled plastic, and takes its obligation to Extended Producer Responsibility very seriously.  South Africa’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) principles require industries to become active in recycling the products they produce as per the National Environmental Waste Management Act (NEMWA, 2008).

Today, Contan remains the only plastic bucket producer that is a contributing member of POLYCO, the industry’s non-profit body, established to focus on reducing the amount of polyolefin waste going to landfill.  

Contan voluntarily contributes raw material levies towards promoting and growing the collection and recycling of post-consumer polyolefins, including polypropylene buckets and pails.

The Polyoak group is also the first plastic packaging manufacturer in South Africa to pledge to the global Operation Clean Sweep initiative, demonstrating its commitment to Zero Plastic Pellet Loss into the environment.

Lambrecht says, “We are confident that our diverse range of lightweight, robust plastic containers brings manufacturers savings and reduces their carbon footprint. Contan is a sustainable supplier partner that assumes responsibility for the end life of our packaging through active participation with POLYCO.”

“By partnering with Contan, product manufacturers and brand owners can actively contribute towards reducing packaging waste to landfill, and help drive recycling initiatives, which last year created 55,000 informal jobs, while at the same time profiling their brand values and building brand equity.

“We look forward to exploring how Contan can add value to customers’ business in an innovative and sustainable manner.”

For more information, contact Nic Botha, national sales manager: Contan +27 (0) 11 724 3800 or [email protected]