How to build stronger relationships with B2B ingredient customers

The fast-changing ingredient industry and new generation of B2B customers is making an impact on the way many in the industry are now conducting business. Here’s a useful study and guide to help food ingredient suppliers…

Anderson Partners, a full-service, B2B marketing communications firm specialising in the global food ingredient industry and the unique marketing needs of food ingredient companies, has compiled this meta-study which explores millennials as the new customers for food ingredient suppliers.

“Millennials are now the largest living generation and will make up fifty percent of the workforce by 2020. The customer landscape is changing with this generation coming of age and food ingredient suppliers are being directly affected. The study explains how to communicate and build meaningful relationships with these new millennial B2B customers,” it says.

Anderson Partners notes that while there are numerous research studies regarding millennials as consumers and employees, there is very little information about millennials as B2B customers.

“Due to the lack of information and this fast changing environment, we have compiled this meta-study with correlations from our research surrounding millennials in different aspects of their lives. We have also provided tactics and advice on how to communicate and build business relationships with this generation.”

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