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BRM Pulled Pork

BRM Brands adds pulled pork to ready-cooked range

Pulled pork is a big culinary trend and foodie favourite across the world, and now Jo’burg-based RTE meat company, BRM Brands, has launched its own pulled pork product with, it says, a “distinctively South African-style”.

The product is made from a selection of high quality pork cuts which are trimmed of excess fat and then rubbed with a blend of herbs and spices.

“BRM Brands’ pulled pork is going to add something new and exciting to South African households. The recipe has been developed and perfected over the course of two years to ensure that the taste will satisfy and tantalise local palates. We are incredibly excited about this product and cannot wait to see how it will be incorporated into local dishes,” says Jacques Talpert, director of BRM Brands.

The product is simply to prepare ie it can be heated up in a frying pan, or oven.

“The versatility of pulled pork means that consumers can turn any ordinary meal into a taste sensation; for dinner party snacks, on nacho’s smothered in guacamole, salsa and sour cream, on bruschetta with some spring onion and in spring rolls with a delicious sweet and sour dipping sauce. They can also add it into sandwiches, in salads and pitas, or eat it over potato/ cauliflower mash, with a baked potato, pap or rice. The possibilities are endless and the results delicious,” adds Talpert.

About BRM Brands:

Barbeque Rib Manufacturers, or BRM Brands as the company is known today, was founded by Seymour Talpert and Johnny Candelaria in the mid-1980s. Sourcing ribs of a consistently high quality that were quick and easy to prepare for consumers was at first a challenge. Talpert and Candelaria made it their mission to source and produce the perfect-tasting ribs. Over the course of almost 30 years the BRM recipes have been perfected and their dream of “the perfect rib” has been made a reality.

Today BRM Brands is not only famous for their sensational ribs but also produces an entire range of fully cooked and marinated BRM meat products. BRM Brands is one of the leading valued added- and in particular cooked meat-producers in Africa and has the technological capabilities to produce and cook a variety of products from slow cooked/sous vide products, to steamed, smoked or grilled and roasted products. BRM Brands products are available to the restaurant- and catering industries as well as directly to consumers through retail chains and two well-stocked factory shops at our two processing plants.

BRM Brands also opened a new factory and factory shop in Mostyn Park, north-west of Johannesburg. The expansion into the new factory has allowed BRM Brands to invest in a new innovation concept kitchen.

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