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“Best New Product of Anuga 2015”

Please note that the headline to this article is in quotation marks, as the title is a completely subjective decision of this journalist. Through four long days of trawling Anuga, it was a small stand on the South African pavilion that most impressed me for astonishing innovation; for NPD that delivered on every parameter.

My “Best New Product of Anuga 2015” goes to Paarl’s Roses Handmade Confectionery, a longtime Woolworths supplier, for its new “Know Sugar”, no added sugar treats, nougat essentially.

Roses’ CEO is none other than confectionery whizz, Andrzej Janik, erstwhile co-owner/MD of Orley Foods before it was bought by Libstar, then subsequently acquired by Kerry Ingredients & Flavours.

HealtAnuga Know Sugarhy confectionery has always stood resolutely as an oxymoron, but Roses and their NPD manager, Cindy Fourie (left), have put much trial and effort into proving that wrong. This new nougat, a low-sugar decadent treat (not lower calories), is just the on-trend business! It wins on taste, most importantly, and on meeting the growing demand for less sugar/carbs, without compromise.

Said Cindy, “Today’s consumers increasingly demand to know more about what they eat and where it comes from. Our philosophy is that a treat should be delicious and guilt-free. which does not imply that it has to look and taste like some ‘diet food’. Gone are the days when ‘healthy’ meant tasteless or bland.

“In devising this range, it had to conform to the same standard of decadence, luxury and quality that is synonymous with our products.”

The packaging on one of the choc-enrobed nougat bars states the following: “Handcrafted with alternative sugar replacers and a touch of honey, then enrobed in sucrose-free chocolate.”

Aside from the tiny quanitity of fructose, glucose and sucrose in the honey, these alternatives include sorbitol, maltitol, sucralose and trehelose. A Roses bars has some 7.2g/100g of sugar, compared to a traditional variant which has 61g/100g.

The pack also provides some detail on the sugar alternatives: “Our nougat is made with sucralose and sorbitol. Sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener and does not affect insulin levels. Sorbitol is found naturally in peaches, pears, apples and prunes. Our sucrose free chocolate is real milk chocolate make with maltitol.”

The range offers some great flavour mixes: roasted almond and olive, lemon and thyme, goji berry and rooibos, pecan and cashew nut, and roasted almond and marula flavour (the latter two are also available choc-enrobed).

My prediction? The flocks of low carb-low sugar fans are going to love this!

Roses Handmade Confectionery; www.roseshandmade.co.za


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