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Appletiser in PET

Appletiser marks 45 years with new PET bottle

Appletiser has added 350ml and 1.25l PET bottle options to its popular sparkling fruit juice range. This new pack offering is intended to “revolutionise the brand by improving its convenience and value offering and enabling more South Africans to enjoy more Appletiser, more often”, says the company.

“When it was first launched 45 years ago, Appletiser was sold in glass formats only, ideal for a beverage consumed primarily in restaurants and at special occasions. As the brand grew in popularity and packaging technology evolved the pack range was extended into can formats to stimulate consumer demand for convenience at home in the fridge. This year, the brand will evolve once more to further meet consumers’ needs, with the addition of high quality premium PET (plastic) packaging, delivering greater value and even better convenience to its drinkers,” says the launch press release.

The 1.25l PET pack is designed as a value pack that will give Appletiser drinkers up to 66% more volume at a slightly lower price than the 750ml glass offering – thus offering affordability, value and convenience.

Appletiser MD Francois Rozon“By understanding that the global credit crunch has changed consumer purchasing habits forever and by staying close to the economic reality of existing and potential consumers, we were motivated to make a meaningful adaption that could positively benefit the consumer both from a convenience and value perspective. So we are thrilled to announce this history-making addition that will enable consumers to enjoy their favourite premium sparkling fruit juice anywhere and anytime,” says Appletiser MD, Francois Rozon (right).

Appletiser’s technologists have ensured that the new plastic pack has the same quality, taste, aroma, sparkle and clarity that the original offerings have become known for – ensuring that the premium quality and design standards of the Appletiser range are maintained no matter which pack option the consumer prefers, whether glass, can or plastic. However, Appletiser in PET does now contain preservatives as the PET bottles cannot obviously be pasteurised as are the glass and can options.

Appletiser has also taken note of green issues and stresses its support for recycling and the need to recover more from the waste-stream as per the directive from the Waste Act. As a member of PETCO, it is proactively working with the recycler to ensure that its bottles are recovered.

Source: Appletiser