Alt proteins: exploring the latest research from Berkeley & Givaudan

What technologies exist today for creating protein alternatives and what new innovations are on the horizon?

Discover the technology shaping the meat & fish alternatives of the future with Givaudan’s new white paper, created in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley.

This new research from the world’s biggest flavour company and scientists at Berkeley looks at the future of meat and fish alternatives and explores available technologies, the opportunities they offer, as well as providing a glimpse into what’s to come in this dynamic space.

Learn about the innovations that are redefining the food industry and discover the opportunities that lie ahead.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the White Paper contains:

  • A look at today’s technological landscape: From dry extrusion to mycelium biomass fermentation, did you ever wish you could easily compare the existing technologies? Get an easy-to-digest overview of the current landscape.
  • Uncover process-based and product-based meat alternatives: Do you know the distinction between these technologies? Understand the workings of each and what sets them apart.
  • Explore innovations in alternative meat. How much do you know about shear cell technology? We’ll take you through four new technologies opening a new era of meat alternatives.
  • Industry recommendations. What’s next for plant-based technology, and how do you make the most of its opportunities? Discover what to expect and how to succeed in this fast-paced environment.