Afriplex makes significant move into gummy production

Paarl-based Afriplex, a member of the Impilovest Group, has announced its intentions in the local and international functional gummy market with a multi-million rand upgrade to its plant.

Functional gummies are increasingly popular as a safe, easy and appealing alternative for administering pharma components and, in fact, they’re the global star of the vitamin and supplements industry!

The global market in cute, chewable gummy vitamins is worth an estimated $7.3bn, displacing pills which, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, that officially slipped behind non-pill format supplements in 2019.

According to Afriplex, local market players in the gummy game currently utilise non-compliant facilities in SA or overseas-based manufacturers, resulting in increased costs as well impacting negatively on logistical, quality and traceability issues.

Juicy gaps to fill

With such appetising market conditions in place, Afriplex says it’s excited and confident about the prospects that lie ahead to fill significant gaps in the market.

It will be the first pharmaceutical company in Africa with compliant gummy production capabilities, and asserts the new automated equipment, laboratories and production facilities will ensure the production of “functional gummies to the highest industry standards”.

The new upgraded Afriplex facility will offer full traceability with a Category A SAHPRA license in a GMP facility, thereby solidifying Afriplex’s solid credentials as an established manufacturer of functional products.

While Afriplex has already has a standardised range of functional gummies that may be tailored to suit the needs of its client base, this investment is aligned with its strategy of creating new avenues for its existing range of novel functional botanical extracts, cannabinoids like CBD, and API’s (active pharmaceutical ingredient).

Its portfolio caters for a variety of health needs; from immune support to stress relief, sleep aid to cognitive enhancement. Each formulation is backed by scientific research and developed in collaboration with medical experts, ensuring that health requirements are reached.

In addition, gummies can be sugar-sweetened or sugar-free with gelatine or pectin as stabiliser, ensuring inclusiveness of various religious denominations as well as dietary requirements.

Arno Roux

Arno Roux, CEO of Afriplex, emphasises the importance of this new development, stating, “We are delighted to introduce our top-quality gummy products to our customers worldwide.

“Afriplex, as a leader in the industry, brings value to our customers by providing dosage forms that meet or exceed expectations in terms of quality and efficacy.”

Donnie Malherbe, director of business development, adds, “Breaking into the International market with this new dosage form proves that Afriplex is always staying at the forefront of filling market gaps and satisfying consumer needs.

“We are confident that our access to novel ingredients and registered APIs will enable companies to launch ‘first to market’ medicinal gummies.”

Dovetailing with this development, AfriTaste was recently launched as Afriplex’s premium food & beverage brand.

“Combining the knowledge of the AfriTaste team of food scientists and the experience of in-house pharmacists ensures meticulous product development and optimal efficacy without compromising taste,” says Malherbe.

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Source: Afriplex