Afriplex launches new “mover ‘n shaker” foodbev business strategy

Paarl-based Afriplex is positioning to be a catalyst for foodbev innovation; a mover and shaker in helping producers realise their ambitions in leveraging today’s key trends.

Afriplex has made a big name for itself as a pioneering producer and supplier of innovative functional ingredients – and now it intends to ratchet up this expert capability with the launch of its AfriTaste arm.

Introducing the expertise of AfriTaste!

“There’s no more an apt adage for the times as Hippocrates’ famed ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.,” says Afriplex director, Donnie Malherbe.

“Consumers are moving towards healthier nutrition in every aspect; looking for ‘better for you’ products with low sugar, plant-based, super foods, no-low alcohol tags and so on.

“While we have long been in the functional ingredients game, we’re now responding to this growing demand with the proud launch of a new brand, AfriTaste, and its complementary website.

“Our main target market is the health sector and functional foods in Africa and South Africa.

“The comprehensive AfriTaste portfolio provides unique, health-supporting and multi-sensorial botanical and other ingredients for food & beverage manufacturing companies – and a whole lot more besides.”

Impressive solutions

  • A range of flavours and ingredients: savoury, fruity, confectionery, alcohol, botanicals, taste modulation, enhancing sweetness and mouthfeel, masking bitterness or added functionality.
  • Powder blends, compounds, concentrates & syrups: development and manufacture of convenient and innovative blends tailored to specific needs.
  • Application & NPD expertise: iced teas, cordials, syrups, soft drinks, energy drinks, electrolyte and rehydration drinks, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic beer and gin, condiments, new plant proteins, plant-based dairy, soft chew candies etc.
  • Advanced processing methods are used to manufacture botanical products that are suitable for mulitple applications.
  • Fully equipped laboratories, expert staff and optimal technologies ensure innovative, safe, consistent and stable products.

“Afriplex’s business growth has been driven by an in-depth understanding of the technical characteristics of the different products as well as clients’ processing capabilities,” adds Malherbe..

“The launch of AfriTaste is an important and logical step in Afriplex’s renewed focus to become a market leader in the food & beverage industry – always striving to provide clients with innovative product offerings to build and retain a competitive edge.” he concludes.