A better, nicer way to swallow a bitter pill

There is more than one way to swallow a pill – and now European ingredients company, Rousselot, has come up with a way to make it even more palatable and efficacious.

It has introduced Gummy Caps, a new delivery form combining the benefits of capsules and gummies: a soft, tasty shell, and liquid or pasty filling for highly accurate dosages of active ingredients.

They can be produced using SiMoGel, Rousselot’s innovative gelatin solution for starchless confectionery production.

“An appealing, effective, safe, versatile, and easy-to-formulate delivery format, Gummy Caps are a perfect delivery form for today’s nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products,” says the company.

Gummy caps benefits for manufacturers

  • No API-gelatin interaction, so high compatibility with a broad range of active ingredients.
  • Higher nutrient content compared to traditional gummies.
  • High dosage accuracy, as lower-temperature processing means less degradation.
  • Cost-effective, fast, and easy to use and formulate.

Gummy caps benefits for consumers

  • A soft chewable texture, pleasant mouthfeel, and quick flavour release.
  • Does not look or taste like medicine (a range of colours available).
  • Made with a safe, clean label excipient of natural origin.
  • Can be used in sugar-free solutions.

Rousselot is a global leader in collagen-based solutions. See more here and below…