Jammy innovation from All Gold

Tiger Brands’ new CEO Lawrence Macdougall has promised the group will put renewed focus on innovation after long a dearth of NPD out of SA’s biggest food group. First obvious fruit of this is in the All Gold brand’s new convenience jam bottles.

Super-easy Skweezi

Recent research conducted by Tiger highlighted the importance of convenience to consumers, with particular mention of the hassle in opening and decanting jam out of tins.

The response has been a claimed South African ‘first’ on the supermarket shelves, the all-new ALL GOLD Skweezi Jam range.

“The fruit of ALL GOLD Jam’s findings is the launch of innovative packaging that offers consumers the same great taste they’ve come to expect from ALL GOLD Jam, leader in the jam market segment, with the added convenience of an easy-to-use, simple-to-store squeeze bottle,” says the press release.

“Gone are the days of transferring your favourite ALL GOLD Jam and storing it in a different container in the fridge, often forgotten. ALL GOLD is confident this one-of-a-kind jam packaging will be a crowd pleaser of note.”

ALL GOLD Skweezi jams come in four flavours: Strawberry, Pear & Mango, Apricot & Peach, and Mixed Fruit (pear, guava, plum, apple, peach).

The bottle is supplied by Hilfort, but Tiger Brands declined to reveal any other information on this packaging or its design agency.

More for flavour Connoisseurs

ALL GOLD Connoisseurs Jam has new additions to this premium range.

“Made from the finest fruit, the ALL GOLD Connoisseurs range of jam has always catered to those wanting the most delicious of jams, offering a variety of exotic and artisanal jam flavours,” says the press release.

The ALL GOLD Connoisseurs range has expanded to include three new flavours: Raspberry, Blueberry and Mixed Berries (raspberry, strawberry and blueberry).

On the Lighter side

The new range of ALL GOLD Connoisseurs Lite Jam – made with up to 37% less total sugar, is endorsed by the Low GI Foundation and Diabetes Associations, offering South Africans the opportunity of satisfying their sweet cravings without the guilt.

The new range of ALL GOLD Connoisseurs Lite Jam is available in Strawberry and Apricot flavours.