Eat at your own risk

Would you eat THIS?

Pictory is a social website that showcases for photo stories; for people around the world to document their lives and cultures. Anyone can submit one large, captioned image to each of Pictory’s editorial themes. One of the latest is called “Eat at your own risk” and it’s definitely not for the squeamish…

As the intro to the photostory says: “Wherever I go, I’m usually the one at the table to point out the most unusual dish to order. Kangaroo, cuy (commonly known as guinea pig), chicken hearts, beef tongue, fish roe; I pride myself on food exploration. But the photo stories below challenge even my open-mind-open-stomach mantra, and cause me to ask myself, ‘Would I actually eat that …?’

“The stories shared here represent connections to other cultures, to our senses of adventure, and notably, to the origins of foods we eat. You won’t find any pre-packaged foods below, or shrink-wrapped cuts of meat. As hard as many of these are to look at or imagine consuming, they’re in many cases realistic, healthy, and sustainable.

“Brace yourself for a crazy culinary ride, and view at your own risk.”

Pictory: See the photostory here