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Willow Creek Gourmet Squeeze

Willow Creek launches innovative gourmet squeeze bottle

Adept local olive oil producer and packaging innovator, Willow Creek, has introduced a “Gourmet Squeeze” bottle filled with its most popular Estate Blend extra virgin olive oil.

The pioneering 750ml Gourmet Squeeze bottle boasts an easy-to-use nozzle with a 1.5mm pour opening which allows users to direct and control the flow of olive oil as desired. Simply unscrew the cap, give the bottle a gentle squeeze and voila – no fuss, no mess.

“Foodies should love Gourmet Squeeze for its practicality and convenience. In addition, the unique nozzle – patent pending – allows the olive oil to be poured slower than with traditional olive oil spouts which means the oil goes much further – minimizing waste and the waistline if you wish. Several top chefs, including James Martin and Evita Bezuidenhout, who were given a sneak preview of the bottle at the recent Good Food & Wine Show in Cape Town were very excited about its qualities,” comments Andries Rabie, Willow Creek’s MD.

The bottle and nozzle have been designed by Polyoak’s PolyPET division, to Willow Creek’s specifications. The PET bottle is also environmentally friendly and fully recyclable and the fact that it cannot break when dropped, renders it useful for any kitchen, he adds. Further increasing the benefits of the new packaging is the oxygen barrier and UV filter built into the brown hue of the bottle to keep the oil’s two-year shelf life.

The bottle design reflects the familiar Willow Creek look and feel, enhancing customer recognition. The 750ml bottle of Estate Blend extra virgin olive oil will be available at a RSP of R92 from July 2011.

“Willow Creek has become known not only for our award-winning olive oils but also for ground-breaking packaging innovation,” says Rabie. “We want our clients to have a really extraordinary experience when using our products – both in terms of quality, superior taste and modern ergonomic efficiency.”

Willow Creek’s extra virgin olive oil available in the Gourmet Squeeze bottle has just won a distinction at the regarded L’Orciolo d’Oro olive oil competition in Gradara, Italy – a special feat considering that other entrants included olive oil masters from Italy, Spain, Greece and Argentina.

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