Weight loss consumers seek the keto diet

While many things are different this year, one thing hasn’t changed: consumers’ desperate search for ‘The Ultimate Diet’ that will help them shed the Christmas/lockdown pounds.

Media’s new year bombarding of weight loss-related headlines is typical, and it seems that 2021, like any other Jan-Feb period, is all about figuring out how best to lose weight.

When asking consumers, the keto diet or way of eating seems to be the be-all and end-all. There’s another thing that hasn’t changed in 2021.

Keto has had a stronghold in the dieting world for several years now, and search trends on Google in the US and the UK indicate that this is not about to change any time soon.

Keto’s ‘permission to indulge’ characteristic, which means consumers can enjoy foods such as butter and cheese, has helped the diet take off with a wider consumer market.

While consumer interest will plateau eventually, there is not yet any indication that keto has peaked. This is reflected in industry activity, with global launches of F&B products promoted for being ‘keto-friendly’ growing by 177% in 2020.

Source: www.new-nutrition.com