Hormel Compleats

US: Hormel’s new take-along ambient breakfasts

An ultimate convenience breakfast? After five years of research, Hormel Foods in the US has launched a new line of ambient microwavable breakfast meals made with real eggs. [Click pic to enlarge]

The new Compleats varieties — sausage breakfast scramble and bacon breakfast scramble — include two eggs, making them the first shelf-stable microwavable meal to include real eggs, according to Austin-based Hormel.

Hormel says it perfected what is called a “retort process”. The technology works like a home canner, but uses a commercial-sized pressure cooker to pressurise and seal the product to extend shelf life, said Jason Baskin, Hormel’s product manager for microwavable meals.

Hormel is marketing the product to people who want to bring breakfast to work without keeping it refrigerated. The meals are stored in the canned goods section of grocery stores. They take one minute to heat.

Two other new breakfasts don’t include eggs: sausage, gravy and roasted potato meal and the apple cinnamon oatmeal meal.

Hormel has emphasised new product innovation over the past several years. Last fall, Kevin Myers, Hormel’s vice president of research,  says the company generated $1-billion in new product revenue from 2007 to 2012.