Asparagus crisps

UK: The latest gourmet crisp: crunch time for asparagus

Crisps made from beetroot, parsnip, sweet potato and even carrot are now old hat but, in a British innovation, the latest vegetable to be sliced up, cooked in oil and served as a snack is asparagus.

Stalkers Crisps are the creation of chef Daren Bale at the Hop Pole Inn in Worcestershire. He says that while the British asparagus season is nearly over, he can capture the fresh flavour all-year-round in bag form.

His green stems come from the nearby Vale of Evesham – which holds the British Asparagus Festival every April – and he hopes they will be hitting farm shops next year.

He says he will be trying out his new creation on customers as the product makes its way through the testing and tasting stage of development, with a view to officially launching Stalkers Crisps at next year’s British Asparagus Festival in April.

And those who buy them don’t have to worry about their urine smelling funny either! “Our crisps don’t have the same concentrate of mercaptan – the sulphurous compound that releases the strange smell – as eating actual spears of asparagus,” says Bale.

Source: The Independent