Rolo Biscuit

UK: Nestle launches new Rolo Biscuit

Nestlé UK’s latest launch is the new Rolo Biscuit, a combination of Rolo caramel and chocolate with crunchy biscuit pieces in the centre. Each biscuit is also individually wrapped so that the product can be more appealing for on the go consumption.

Available from 29th August,, with an RRP of £1.55 for a pack of six, Rolo Biscuit comes at a positive time for the Rolo brand, which has seen total sales rise to £18m, up 19% year on year.

The launch of this new 95-calorie biscuit follows a successful move for the Aero brand into the biscuit category earlier in the year.

Aero Biscuit cut a path into the biscuit category for consumers looking for an indulgent, chocolate snack and is now being joined by the Rolo brand to improve Nestlé’s shelf stand out in the biscuit isle.

Both Rolo biscuit and Aero Biscuit are produced at Nestlé Confectionery’s Halifax factory.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK Trade Communication Manager, said: “Launching the hugely popular Rolo brand into the biscuit category is sure to prove popular with the brand’s many fans. “What’s more, with Rolo experiencing sharp growth, up 19%, the new and exciting Rolo Biscuit comes at just the right time to continue this success.”

The launch is supported with a targeted £400k media investment which includes TV, outdoor and sampling activity.

Source: Nestlé