Dairy Milk Bubbly

UK: Kraft launches Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

Kraft Foods in the UK has unveiled the launch of the “innovative” Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly, an aerated chocolate bar. A launch that will draw comparisons with Nestle’s Aero bar, Bubbly is made with “an innovative new mould made out of bubbles”, Kraft said. It will go on sale on 16 January in milk chocolate and white variats and will sell for an RRP of £1.42.

While Kraft says that the launch will be supported by a £6m marketing campaign, the company used social media first for the launch. Dairy Milk Bubbly made got its first mention exclusively on Google+, but the initial release was followed quickly by mentions on Facebook and Twitter.

The bar’s wrapper is Blippar enabled, so consumers can access extra content using the augmented reality app. Google+ only allowed brands to create their own pages three months ago, and this is thought to be the first time the network has been used for a product launch.

Facebook has been used before for product releases for the obvious reason that it allows brands to reach a bigger audience. Cadbury for instance has nearly 78 000 Facebook fans, but only 2 611 people have the brand in their Google+ circles.

A social media product launch is also reletively cheap – Cadbury’s effort includes a single image of the bar – and can get sales going through word-of-mouth before any money is spent on advertising.

Matthew Williams, marketing activation director at Kraft Foods, said: “Research shows that consumers see block chocolate as very safe and traditional, but this also means that some can see it as a bit functional. Initial trials have been extremely successful, with 90% of people asked saying they would probably or definitely buy this brand new product.”

Cadbury invests £6m on shelf ready and resealable packaging

In related news, Cadbury UK has announced that it will introduce shelf ready packaging to make its chocolate bars stand upright in stores to better attract customers’ attention in a £6m shelf-ready/point-of-purchase scheme.

It will also introduce resealable wrapping for its Dairy Milk chocolate bars.

Kraft Foods said that it’s important that bars stand upright on shelf because it helps visibility. The more visible the bar is to the shopper, the more likely it is to be purchased.

Previously bars had been laid flat in their cases which Cadbury believed made it hard for shoppers to see.

Nick Bunker, UK president for Kraft, said: “Shelf-ready packaging allows retailers to simply remove the front of the case containing the chocolate bars and put it straight on to the stores’ shelves.”

The cases will be spring-loaded meaning products will be pushed forward each time one taken from the shelf.

Bunker added: “Cadbury Dairy Milk will also be wrapped in ‘easy open, easy close’ material that allows consumers to reseal the wrapping and keep the chocolate fresh.”

These innovation come just a month after Kraft announced it was to invest £50m in chocolate and biscuit manufacturing in the UK.

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