Turbo Tang

UK: Britvic takes the aerosol into soft drinks

UK soft drinks giant, Britvic, is shaking up the sector by giving its iconic Tango brand a new twist with the launch of Turbo Tango, a groundbreaking soft drinks innovation targeted at teens – it features ‘nitro-fuelled’ aerosol technology, to deliver a foamy blast of orange and a totally new drinking experience.

Britvic, say reports, led a team of more than 40 international development partners to create the world’s first soft drink dispensed through an aerosol container and has licensed rights to the patented technology that creates the foamy sensation. This technology has the potential to create a whole new future segment in the soft drinks market.

The pack, designed by integrated brand design agency Blue Marlin, looks deliberately edgy and disruptive to engage with its target audience. The challenging and urban-style graphics are very much in keeping with Tango’s inherent brand personality. Turbo Tango will be targeted at late teens and will be available from July. The limited edition launch will focus on leisure and impulse outlets and selected cinemas.

Jonathan Gatward, marketing director at Britvic Soft Drinks, says, “Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our innovation team’s pioneering spirit, scientific know-how and technical expertise enables us to create drinks that are genuinely different and excite consumers. With Turbo Tango, we’ve gone one step further and come up with a world first that really is ‘soft drink meets squirty cream’. Customers already love Tango’s quirky, adventurous and irreverent advertising, this new twist on the brand will generate even more fans — teens and adults alike.

Gatward added, “Teen consumers told us they found the category ‘samey’, and they were ready for something genuinely new and different. The reaction to Turbo Soft drink squirty cream innovation is a world first Tango has been amazing we’ve certainly never had teens trying to buy a pack from us in research before.”

Turbo Tango is the latest in a long line of soft drink innovations from Britvic. The ambition with Turbo Tango is to build long-term brand value by fusing Britvic’s consumer insight — that Tango’s teen customers want to be entertained with fun and quirky experiences — with scientific expertise.

“Turbo Tango is going to be a huge hit with the target market. It’s what Tango is all about: being different and having irreverent fun. To say it breaks the category norms is something of an understatement,” says Andrew Eyles, Blue Marlin Global CEO.

Blue Marlin is Britvic’s longstanding design partner and was responsible for the hugely successful Tango relaunch two years ago as well as the recent launches of SoBe Pure Rush, SoBe V Water and Purdey’s.

Source: Britvic