Toilet habits: Sitting can get in the way of your health

What goes in, must come out… here’s an interesting take on modern toilet habits, with one US company attesting that we’re doing it all wrong! Introducing the, um, Squatty Potty!

According to scientists at the Stanford University Pelvic Floor Clinic, Western civilisation has been pooping incorrectly for generations. we’re meant to squat, not sit – which makes sense if you think about our ancestors’ bathroom habits.

Squatting relaxes our muscles in just the right way to create optimal inner plumbing movement and can potentially combat some pretty serious afflictions and diseases like constipation and piles to colitis and colon cancer.

Now you can do it right with Squatty Potty, a step stool that allows you to sit on the toilet with perfect squat posture.

This video is pretty convincing. Perhaps an unsightly plastic thing is a small price to pay for happy bowels?