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British breakfast

The great British breakfast of the future

Thanks to cheap air travel and growing multiculturalism, the traditional cooked British “fry-up” breakfast comprising a plate piled high with bacon, eggs and baked beans, could soon be off the British breakfast menu, according to a report commissioned by breakfast cereal maker Kellogg’s.

It’s famously the most important meal of the day and new insight from cereal giant Kellogg’s has revealed a breakfast of muesli and bacon & eggs could soon be toast.

The future gazing report into breakfast and flavour trends, conducted by the Your Future brand consultancy on behalf of Kellogg’s, predicts that in the next two decades Brits will have ditched today’s breakfast classics and be sitting down to dishes such as savoury crab porridge, seaweed flakes, and a distinctly fishier cooked breakfast including sardines, fish fingers and potted herring.

According to experts, breakfast will also be taken as seriously as dinner is today and become the main meal of the day with people sitting down to up to three courses in the next 10 to 15 years.

Our tastes are also predicted to change thanks to a variety of influences such as low cost air travel making holidaymakers more adventurous and introducing flavours they want to replicate at home.

Emigration and immigration will also have a major impact on the British palate with the main influences predicted to come from Poland, China, the Middle East and Scandinavia.

The greatest change that we will see is a move towards hot, spicy and savoury breakfast products. In China, this is the norm and it is predicted that cold winter mornings will soon be warmed with “Warm Crab Porridge with Seaweed”

In the future Middle Eastern spices such as the brightly coloured Sumac and hot chillies will also be used to add flavour to foods – with people initially shaking them on to their cereals and resulting in Sumac or Fiery breakfast cereal products on shelves.

An increasing focus on health will also drive new superfood flavours and experts predict the next “superfood” fad will be seaweed – with seaweed breakfast flakes set to be the next big thing.

The report also reveals that scandinavian influence will make fish a more popular breakfast choice and coupled with the need for a convenient and microwaveable cooked breakfast – we will move away from traditional sausage, bacon and black pudding to products such as kedgeree, kippers, sardines, fish fingers, devilled kidneys and potted fish in our “Full English”.

The Kellogg’s report was produced by an independent panel of food experts, top chefs and food stylists.

TV food expert and top chef Guy Wolley, who was on the panel, said: “At the moment the UK has a taste for relatively plain breakfast flavours and the elements haven’t changed much since the 1930’s.

“In the future we will take breakfast much more seriously and it may become the main meal of the day. We will also see some very different tastes and trends emerging. Seaweed, spices and fish will become popular in the morning.

“Dishes such as crab porridge and sumac flakes for breakfast may seem unbelievable but twenty years ago it would have seemed absurd that we would be eating raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed – of course sushi is now a very popular cuisine.”

Source: Kellogg UK