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Ten tempting dessert trends

Dessert is an indulgent end to any meal; however, Americans are moving beyond the basic ice cream and cake to discover sweet, savoury and tasty treats that tempt the palate. Click through to this image gallery to see what’s trending in desserts.

According to a survey by The Food Channel, 80% of respondents have dessert at least once a week, while more than 25% enjoy it every day. While 60% of respondents agree there is no compromise when it comes to taste, many are embracing “old-school” treats with trendy culinary twists and turns.

Research conducted by The Food Channel, in conjunction with CultureWaves, the International Food Futurists and Mintel International, reveal 10 dessert trends taking America by storm. Here are three:


A mainstay of American kitchens, the cupcake has evolved into a trendy, handheld dessert. From traditional recipes to gourmet creations, the little treats are popping up in cupcake-centric bakeries and restaurant menus across the nation. New spins on the old favourite include cupcake fondue, savoury and spicy flavours, and minis designed to tempt you to eat more than one.

All-day desserts

Consumers are asking for desserts all day long. The trend is about frequency, not quantity. Rewards that can be had any time include smaller portions, bite-size desserts and convenient packaging. Cake pops, gourmet chocolates and mini pastries are little luxuries that help power us through the day.

Whole grains or no grains

Health concerns and gluten restrictions are driving restaurants to think outside the box when it comes to grains. Flourless chocolate cakes, pies with whole-grain crusts, and fruit crisps sweetened with chopped cookie bars are just a few of the healthful options trending now in both desserts and breakfast.

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